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How to Become a Roblox Youtuber

Growing up I've always wanted to become a Youtuber, and here I am with 25,000 Total subscribers and 3,000,000 channel views.. Don't get me wrong, that's a pretty big number big I want 100,000 subscribers now.

Important Tips When Starting / Already Starting:

  • Optimize your search results; Title, tags, description

  • Focus on Popular/Trending Roblox Topics

  • Be creative & unique with your Thumbnails

  • Don't steal videos

  • Don't change your YT name daily, keep it the same forever

  • Have a clean PFP and Banner

  • Keep your videos 3-10 minutes & entertaining

  • Have Discord, it's an essential

  • Don't focus on a cool intro, focus on content

Over the past 3 years I've learned a lot, and have been able to scale 2 more Youtube channels to over 1,000 Subscribers. You can do this too. Good luck!

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