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Copy & Paste Outfit Tutorial

If you're a girl, this is for you! It's not cheap, it's not expensive.

We're using: "0nlyvAnvi" for example. This outfit costs around 500-2,000 Robux, but you can make one cheaper.

Item List:

Beautiful Hair for Beautiful People (95)

Roblohunk Hair (95)

Black and Red (90)

Stitchface [Optional] (4,000)

Gold Necklace (3)

Clean Shiny Spikes (80)

Hipster Glasses (125)

Plain White Top (5)

If you're curious about the body, the torso and arms are the "Woman Package" and legs are "Man Package"

  • Put on several hairs by clicking "Advanced" at the bottom

  • Body Type> 0%

  • Animation Pack - Oldschool

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