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Ro-Gangster Outfit Tutorial

For this tutorial, you gotta spend some Robux, sorry. We'll be using "ZayxTrxp" as an example. This outfit costs around 750-2,000 Robux, but you can make one cheaper.

Item List:

Black Headband (80)

BlingBling! Earrings (75)

Luxury Wallet (65)

Two Tone Chain (100)

Vampire (55)

Duffel Bag (170)

Bling Shades (1,500)

Cute Floating Devil Horns (50)

Chestnut Style (100)

Bed Hair (80)

Cross Necklace (2)

White Collared Shirt (5)

Balmains w/ Raf Smons (5)

Ro Gangsters tend to look rich, so the more you spend the better you look.

  • Change Body to R15

  • Body Type 100%

  • Add multiple hairs > Advanced

  • Animation Pack - Oldschool

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